I’ve already been an exchange student for a month. It’s so unbelievable. To be honest, this month was the best of my life so far. Only one month, but so many wonderful experiences.

I consider myself a lively and energetic person and I think I’ve found the perfect culture to fit in. I love getting to know people and spending time with them. Here, everyone is social, open-minded and so acceptable. It wasn’t hard at all to get some friends and feel comfortable with them.

Human relationships are a really important parts of my life and a whole new world has been opened for me by having a bunch of new souls in my heart. I realized that I want to work with people in the future for sure. I’ve seen enormous differences between the circumstances in Europe and Latin America. There are millions of bad things that should be changed in this world. I decided that a part of my future will be given to volunteering or helping people in need because I think only people can help people and I’d like to be one of those selfless helpers.


Karolina Osztoics, exchange student form Hungary to the Dominican Republic